ghc-8.0.2: The GHC API

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pprTyThing :: TyThing -> SDoc #

Pretty-prints a TyThing.

pprTyThingInContext :: TyThing -> SDoc #

Pretty-prints a TyThing in context: that is, if the entity is a data constructor, record selector, or class method, then the entity's parent declaration is pretty-printed with irrelevant parts omitted.

pprTyThingLoc :: TyThing -> SDoc #

Pretty-prints a TyThing with its defining location.

pprTyThingInContextLoc :: TyThing -> SDoc #

Like pprTyThingInContext, but adds the defining location.

pprTyThingHdr :: TyThing -> SDoc #

Pretty-prints the TyThing header. For functions and data constructors the function is equivalent to pprTyThing but for type constructors and classes it prints only the header part of the declaration.

pprFamInst :: FamInst -> SDoc #

Pretty-prints a FamInst (type/data family instance) with its defining location.