ghc-8.0.2: The GHC API

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A description of the register set of the X86.

This isn't used directly in GHC proper.

See RegArchBase.hs for the reference. See MachRegs.hs for the actual trivColorable function used in GHC.



classOfReg :: Reg -> RegClass #

Determine the class of a register

regsOfClass :: RegClass -> UniqSet Reg #

Determine all the regs that make up a certain class.

regName :: Reg -> Maybe String #

Determine the common name of a reg returns Nothing if this reg is not part of the machine.

regAlias :: Reg -> UniqSet Reg #

Which regs alias what other regs.

worst :: Int -> RegClass -> RegClass -> Int #

Optimised versions of RegColorBase.{worst, squeese} specific to x86