Cabal- A framework for packaging Haskell software

CopyrightIsaac Jones 2003-2004
Duncan Coutts 2008
Safe HaskellNone



A bunch of dirs, paths and file names used for intermediate build steps.



haddockDirName :: HaddockTarget -> PackageDescription -> FilePath #

This is the name of the directory in which the generated haddocks should be stored. It does not include the distdochtml prefix.

haddockPref' :: HaddockTarget -> FilePath -> PackageDescription -> FilePath #

The directory to which generated haddock documentation should be written.

autogenModulesDir :: LocalBuildInfo -> String #

The directory in which we put auto-generated modules

autogenModuleName :: PackageDescription -> ModuleName #

The name of the auto-generated module associated with a package

exeExtension :: String #

Default extension for executable files on the current platform. (typically "" on Unix and "exe" on Windows or OS/2)

objExtension :: String #

Extension for object files. For GHC the extension is "o".

dllExtension :: String #

Extension for dynamically linked (or shared) libraries (typically "so" on Unix and "dll" on Windows)